When I think of Black Lives Matter, I think of… How overwhelming it is for me as a white person, so I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be a person of color, how cultural racism is everywhere and sometimes I know how to be better but if I am honest most the time I am so unsure. That leads me to think about what I can do and maybe that is how I bring awareness to the people in my circle of influence to realize that whiteness is relational. "White" only exists in relation/opposition to others in the racial hierarchy. Sadly for many whiteness is a state of unconsciousness, invisible to white people, and that perpetuates a lack of knowledge or understanding of a root cause of oppression, it is more comfortable for white people if it "invisible" to those of us privileged by it, but it sure isn’t invisible to those oppressed/disadvantaged by it. I hope that if more people understood whiteness we could start to address cultural and institutional racism. Love you!

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