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Dual Install homebrew, nvm, and node on Apple M1


if [ "$(sysctl -n sysctl.proc_translated)" = "1" ]; then
local brew_path="/usr/local/homebrew/bin"
local brew_opt_path="/usr/local/opt"
local nvm_path="$HOME/.nvm-x86"
local brew_path="/opt/homebrew/bin"
local brew_opt_path="/opt/homebrew/bin"
local nvm_path="$HOME/.nvm"

export PATH="${brew_path}:${PATH}"
export NVM_DIR="${nvm_path}"

[ -s "${brew_opt_path}/nvm/" ] && . "${brew_opt_path}/nvm/" # This loads nvm
[ -s "${brew_opt_path}/nvm/etc/bash_completion.d/nvm" ] && . "${brew_opt_path}/nvm/etc/bash_completion.d/nvm" # This loads nvm bash_completion

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