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Why You Should Consider Untappd for Business for Your Beer-Centric Establishment

What is Untappd?

Untappd is a new way to socially share and explore the world of beer with your friends and the world. Curious what your friends are drinking or where they’re hanging out? Just check their profile where you can toast and comment on their beers! Untappd will offer you beer recommendations based on what you and your friends have been enjoying, so you’ll have no reason to not try something new! As additional encouragement, Untappd allows you to earn a number of cool badges for completing a variety of different criteria.Untappd

In February 2016, Untappd released “Untappd For Business,” a platform for breweries, pubs, bars, bottle shops, and other companies to keep track of and display their beer inventories and keep their visitors updated with what’s on tap. With millions of users constantly updating the database of brews and reviews, finding and discovering beer has never been easier.

Untappd users have checked in over 5 Million beers at Untappd Verified Venues.

So why should Untappd be important to you?

Untappd partners are able to connect with their audience. When you put your tap list on your business account, you show up on the app’s venue map. So when Untappd users pull up their app and they’re looking at the next place to go to find some good craft beer, they see your business and your all tap options.

And there they see their favorite beer on your taplist! Moments later, they are walking through your door and ordering a beer.

Well, our beer options are slim. Is Untappd for Business still worth getting?
Absolutely! Untappd for Business is not just limited to beer. There are also multiple options to add a wine menu, cocktail menu, and even food menus in the platform to feed those hungry beer drinkers.

It’s more import to have my website be up to date rather than some app…

That’s the great part about Untappd for Business, all these menus (beer, cocktail, wine, food, etc.) can all be synced with your website so that you don’t have to worry about updating two places. In other words…

You can just update Untappd for Business and the menu on your website will be updated too.

How do I get Untappd for Business to sync my beer, cocktail, wine, and food menus with my website?
This is where I come into play. I’m a website designer and website developer who specializes in integrating these menus and tap lists seamlessly into brewery websites so that all you have to do is update the information in Untappd. My code will take care of the rest.

Want to hear more?

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