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So long twenty10…

Where to begin with 2010? This year has been one year where God has been showing me His faithfulness.. sometimes immediately, sometimes months later. 2010 began in the middle of my freshman year of college, when I was still trying to “find my place.” Although I didn’t get all or any of the answers I sought out, the connectedness and pieces are enough for me to see that God truly is faithful. There were never any out of the ordinary experiences but simply a laid-back flow of events.

Over this year, God prepared me well for change, with moving from Oregon to San Diego in fall 2009, to developing great friendships in spring 2010, to moving back to old life in Oregon in summer 2010, and moving down to a different San Diego in fall 2010. Throughout all these moving experiences, I changed, friends changed, and ultimately, life changed. God showed me that wherever I am, His people and His community are there. Title IX biz shook me up, but God has a purpose although I don’t know what it is. He worked it out so that I can continue to run for Point Loma until I graduate, but now, it’s not looking like that will be happening. Whatever does happen though, I can trust in God’s faithfulness that He’s got something beautiful hiding there in store. This goes along with my post about Hosea… over this year, God tore me apart (again), but through it all He’s pieced me together to learn new things. At times, relying on this truth is difficult and I may lose sight, but I will choose to return to my Lord.

So as this year starts to come to an end, I’m thinking of an epic New Year’s resolution. This resolution will challenge me mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. This resolution will come out of my desire to improve myself in order to further God’s Kingdom. This resolution will entail diving into the unknown. This resolution will presuppose living out of the truth of God’s faithfulness. This resolution will be life-changing.

As I’ve met people over the last year, I’ve seen their skills, their experiences, the places they’ve been, and I want to experience more places and moments. I realized this after looking at Garrett Richardson’s blog. I realized I just want to explore life and… learn. With my list and ideas of things I wanted to accomplish this year, I couldn’t come up with a strong resolution but instead a list of goals. So… I guess this is a pretty flexible resolution and not what I intended at all, but I feel this is the best way of completing them all. I just want to do/try more things by living out my faith in God’s faithfulness and not let fear of the unknown hold me back.

With this blog starting up, I find it easier follow through and keep this going. Without the ability and self-imposed responsibility to share, I’d become far too lazy and lose drive. This blog will be a place of updates, experiences, writings, and pictures.

This is my list so far. I’m relying on my No. 2 strength Adaptability to add more to it.

◻ Resurrect meeting a new person everyday for a month (maybe even longer) and writing a blog about it.

◻ Plain and simple. Get better at guitar… entailing knowing scales and chord variations well.

◻ Learn a new language (right now I’m looking at Japanese or Hebrew, maybe Tagalog)

◻ Read and write reactions to religious/theological books.

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