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Mid-summer Regroup

I woke up “early” this morning to “grab coffee” with a “friend from high school.” By “early,” mean I had to set an alarm for 8am. By “grab coffee,” I mean have an awesome conversation that time could not allow for. Lastly by “friend from high school,” I mean an outstanding individual from 3rd grade who I am more than glad to know, Kristina.

The conversation helped me make note to myself of what I desired to do this summer. Although I planned on going to Canada this summer, I have lost track of time and don’t believe I will be able to incorporate it with the lighter details of summer goals. All the previous goals I had set were lost over a month ago along with my notebook that I write just about everything in. I bought a new notebook a few days ago, and now it holds new goals for the last month of summer before I return to San Diego.

A major goal for me this summer that has not changed was to write blog entries this summer concerning my beliefs on theology, or at least study it more. Lately though, I have been satisfied with other projects, like ThisIsPortlandia and working on my car, and my own isolated rumination of God rather than taking in new ideas. I’ve been wrestling on my own and it has become time to take more in. Kristina and I began talking about books that we’ve been reading and it reminded me that I have about 8 books sitting in my trunk that I wanted to read this summer, but all I’ve done is spent a few moments in them and then set them down.

So along with finally reading those books. I’ve made goals for the playful and simple things of summer like painting or playing guitar or taking night pictures of downtown, just small things to keep me entertained and sane while at the same time providing a feeling of productivity.

In these last few weeks of summer, part of my goals is to finally keep you all updated with blog posts. So, I’ll be keeping them coming. Time to get this summer rolling.

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