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Greatest Speech Ever Made

My roommate showed me this video the other day and I don’t know where to begin. This speech completely motivated me, but it digs so deep. I can feel passion welling up in my body and selfishness start to ease up its grip, but I’m left more frustrated than motivated. The feelings of motivation are causing me to wonder what I am supposed to do now. There is so much that I could do, but as a human (or maybe just an INFP… yes, Meyers-Briggs), I catch myself with feelings that are causing me to be selfish and do things out of my own intentions and to make myself feel better. Are these the feelings to do away with? The selfishness? Are we to seek to help, to better society?

Should I get rid of want except for the want to help others? But I can’t neglect my own needs or else I won’t be able to help others. We all have these feelings, but these feelings and desires for our own good are holding us back. Should we not just do away with all our needs and become robots dedicated to helping others, for didn’t someone once say, “The man who wants nothing is invincible”? Well, that’s the man that I want to be. The invincible one. The one who isn’t vulnerable, sign me up for that one. Do away with my own wants because who did that ever help but myself. Learn and know what is right for all you see. Help them, learn their needs, and form your want into solely wanting to help them. Won’t that will help us all? But these feelings for myself… they won’t go away.

But wait, is that what this is? An aim to get us in touch with our humanity? To realize we have been chasing the vanities of greed, power, and wealth? To realize that as humans our greatest tool is our ability to feel, to love, to connect? To realize that we are designed to want to see the best in others? We need this humanity, kindness and gentleness derived from these very personal wants and desires to be connected and unified with all. We are humans with the capacity to love humanity. We are not designed for hatred. Hate is a byproduct of our lack of love. “We have the power to create happiness. To make this life free and beautiful. To make it an adventure.”

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