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How to Use Untappd to Automatically Update Your Brewery Website

How to Use Untappd to Automatically Update Your Brewery Website

Did you just sign up for Untappd for Business, and now you’re wondering what to do next?

I started my web development career building websites for different types of craft alcohol companies. From cideries, meaderies, distilleries, wineries, and the most popular, breweries. Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in this day and age. With the popularity of Untappd (the largest social media platform for craft beer) continuing to rise, you can have a website that works directly with Untappd data.

In my most recent project with Widmer Brother Brewing (a 30+year-old brewpub in Portland, Oregon), we used their Untapped for Business account to display the pub taplists as well as update their dynamic list of small batch brews.

It’s frustrating to have to update multiple things. Let others update your website for you! Here are 6 ways to integrate Untappd into your website so that once you update your account, your website is updated too!

  1. Beer list

    Untappd keeps track of all your beer. Even when you don’t add a new brew yourself, if an Untappd user adds and reviews one of your brews, it links it to your brewery. You can use Untappd’s API to update your website as it happens.

  2. Tap list

    Do you have a rotating tap list? Using Untappd for Business, you can update your taplist so that Untappd users know what you have pouring. With your website linked with Untappd, you can have the site update itself concurrently with your Untappd Business account.
    untappd taplist brewery website

  3. Locations

    Chances are that you’re distributing your beer to numerous locations. Untappd users are constantly checking in and writing reviews for beer. If an Untappd user reviews your beer at a pub, Untappd now knows that your beer is at that location and Untappd can update your website so that your site visitors know where they can find your beer.

  4. Reviews

    Untappd has a 5-star rating and notes system for brews. You can display this information on your website and allow Untappd to tell your site visitors how other beer drinkers feel about your beer.

  5. Events

    Untappd for Business has an upcoming events section that can be accessed and displayed on your website.

  6. Menus

    The “Food/Wine/Cocktail Menus” section on Untappd for Business allows you to share your menu with Untappd users. These lists can be synced with your website.

A lot of brewers don’t unlock the full potential of their website and Untappd. Social Media is the next thing to word of mouth. People are constantly sharing about your brewery on Untappd. Sync this data with your website and other social media platforms to help get your name out there.

My brewery-specific platform helps make this process easier by removing extraneous updates so that you have less to worry about.

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