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Work Remote: The best cheap unlimited 4G LTE hotspot option

Recently, I bought a mountain cabin in Colorado. And as a fully remote worker, I need a fast and reliable internet connection.

Some of the houses I viewed has some satellite internet options. But when I looked into it, I didn’t want to have to have someone come out and install a satellite on the side of my house.

And also $80/mo for LTE speeds was not worth it!

But the cabin has pretty good cellphone service. So I started looking into hotspot options. Between all of the major providers (AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile), none of them offer truly unlimited speeds above 3G. And 500kbps is definitely not enough for my work. (Or my Netflix/Hulu/HBO Max addiction)

But I did find one option Visible.

Visible: Unlimited 4G LTE Hotspot Plan ($40/mo)*

Visible uses Verzion Wireless towers but never slows down your data usage to 3G speeds, unlike AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. So you can enjoy truly unlimited 4G LTE speeds, just capped at 5mbps (which is 10x faster than 3G)! And it’s only $40/mo (and get your first month for $5 using this promo).

It’s tricky using your own phone as a hotspot all the time, especially if you wanna make a call or browse on your phone. So the next step is getting a carrier unlocked hotspot device, where you can just put in the Visible SIM card and have a WiFi hotspot in your hand.

I’m using the ZTE ZMax Connect hotspot from Amazon. I just put the SIM card in, and it works like a charm. And it was only 60 bucks!

View on Amazon

There you have it! Cheap unlimited internet for your home on-the-go.

*Affiliate URL for $5 for your first month

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